Size: 15ml


Freedom has the lemongrass added to it, giving it a lemon smell that takes away the strong smell of the White Cedar. The benefits are that the White Cedar has been known for centuries as "the tree that heals". To millions of people, especially in Africa, this tree has miraculous powers and they report having received some benefits within minutes. It may assist with colds, hepatitis, acne, allergies, hives, Bell's Palsey, AIDS, bruises, cold sores, diaper rash, dry skin, ear ache, fever, inflammation, indigestion and infections. It may assist with jock itch, psoriasis, scabies, stress, sprains, eczema, hypertension, chickenpox, Candidiasis, chronic fatigue, circulation, kidney problems, lice, headaches, obesity, hemorrhoids, heartburn, diabetes, dandruff, malaria, ulcers, urinary tract infection, wrinkles, hair loss, parasites, cuts and yeast infection. One lady reports that Freedom was excellent to keep flees away from her dog. The lemongrass is excellent for regenerating connective tissue and repairing ligaments.

Contains : White Cedar, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Black Cumin, Helichrysum and Black Pepper.