Size: 15ml


Formulated for creating a feeling of humility and ability to overcome the fear that sometimes stops us from fulfilling our mission and purpose.  This blend assists one in being able to move through the negative experiences of life more quickly. It assists in balancing the equilibrium and heart functions, eases anxiety, dispels anger and gives patience. It calms the mind, helps release past hurts, and brings a feeling of love, and so that we are able to see past the negative and appreciate the opportunities we have been given. It is by trusting and having faith in the Grace of God.  Grace is strengthening, and uplifting, creating a sense of well-being and bring balance and harmony to the body.   

Application:  Rub over heart, on neck, temples, crown, or use for a massage, or diffuse.

Contain - Ylang Ylang Extra, Roman Chamomile, & Rose, in Fractionated Coconut Oil.