Size: 15ml


Formulated to be used in times of personal challenges and change when extra assistance is desired. It assists in the transition of life?s course, in letting go of the negative past and the fear of the future, allowing the Universe to ease the anxiety and tension of mentally and physically demanding days. It assists in overcoming the fear of expressing oneself and doing it in a positive, loving way. The Identity oil may assist in motivating you into action giving you courage to move forward. Assists in eliminating blocked personal growth and indecision. Heals emotional wounds, stabilizes, and brings peace. Assists in healing the heart and bringing out the inner child. Aromatic Influence: very calming, grounding, increased spiritual awareness and self-control. Assists in calling in the Angelic Force.

Contains: Geranium, Cypress, Litsea Cubeba, Clary Sage and Black Pepper.