Size: 15ml


Formulated to provide an aroma that is clarifying and energizing, enhancing alertness, clear thought, dispelling confusion, awakening the brain, and sharpening the mental processes. Clears the head, improves concentration, memory, assists poor circulation and mental fatigue, gives the mind strength and clarity. Beneficial for fainting, headaches, is anti-infectious, stimulating for the nerves, and reduces stress. Keeps the mind thinking clearly, and focused on the task at hand. Dr. Dembar of the University of Cincinnati discovered in his research that inhaling peppermint oil increases the mental accuracy of the students tested by 28%. One may want to wear this blend while studying; then smell it again while being tested on the material studied - it has been known to help with recall. It may boost low energy and keep one from going into shock.

Contains - Rosemary, Peppermint, Holy Basil, Basil and Cardamom.