Size: 1 oz / 30ml
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Divine Soul Mission

Divine SOUL MISSION: Blossom into your divinity with this high frequency energy mist. This energy may enhance your feeling of beauty, creativity, and inspiration. It also may help one to gain a trust in the source, the creator of all that is. Also, helps to release guilt and replace it with a knowing or spiritual connection, of your higher purpose. Helps one to develop a desire to see and live the truth of your soul’s purpose, now.

Enhanced Energy Therapy Directions:  Shake Well. Spray lightly in your energy field or designated cellular memory area.  Use for external use only.

Divine SOUL MISSION contains:  Pure Essential Oils of Lilac, Egyptian Musk, Lavender, Geranium, a mixture of Flower Essences emulsified in 100% Organic Aloe, Ionicera Japonica, Polyglyceryl Caprate.  1 oz. /30ml.