Blue Rose UltraSonic Humidifier

The Blue Rose Humidifier is a great addition to one's home. It can go in any room with its Anion Ultrasonic design that does not put out the hot mist from boiling and huge water particles that get all over everything in the room. Specially designed for a cool mist through ultrasonic vibration that is quiet and puts out a finer water particle mist that is safe in any room with electronics. The eye catching design of a budding rose makes it pleasing to the eye. Humidifier Mood Light / Nightlite In addition, the Blue Rose Humidifier can be used as a night light which kids love to have going in their room.

Between the cool mist and the comforting color pulses of the mood light, it can bring some serenity to the home especially for those under the weather. The Blue Rose humidifier's mood light can be used with or without the water being in the unit which is simply turned on or off by the touch of the button and with the Anion Ultrasonic design it is even quieter than other preceding humidifiers.