Ultra Jet Diffusor Deluxe

Our diffusor is a special devise uniquely designed to dispense essential oils into the atmosphere. It is the most effective way to finely vaporise essential oils without harming or altering their vital components and valuable properites. Our affordable and attractive jet system diffusor combines the benefits of super fine essential oil mist, oil efficiancy, all innert components and an easy cleaning feature. Our deluxe model features a solid oak case with storage space for five essential oils inside. Only authentic, pure essential oils should be used in your diffusor. DO NOT use oils that have a viscous (thick) consistancy such as Sandalwood, Clove, Patchouli, etc. as they may clog the jet. Such oils must be heavily blended with a less viscous essential oil to increase vaporization.

The Ultra Jet Diffusor Deluxe makes an excellent companion to our Pure Elements essential oils and bottles.