Enhanced Energy Therapy Directions:  Shake Well. Spray lightly in your energy field or designated cellular memory area.  Use for external use only.

Divine Empowerment Kit

These Enhanced Energy products have the ability to help us identify and shift something that we have the desire to change. This protocol will help to awaken spiritual gifts and your soulís vision, by renewing and realigning every aspect of your body. It will allow you to receive more light and love into your cells and help you reconnect and align you to your greater Soulís Purpose.

Divine SOUL MISSION: Blossom into your divinity with this high frequency energy mist. This energy may enhance your feeling of beauty, creativity, and inspiration. It also may help one to gain a trust in the source, the creator of all that is. Also, helps to release guilt and replace it with a knowing or spiritual connection, of your higher purpose. Helps one to develop a desire to see and live the truth of your soulís purpose, now.

Divine ILLUMINATON: Let your imagination soar with wonder and possibility as you envision your life. Awaken your intuition to more clarity, color and beauty. Helps to eliminate any distrust in your abilities to make clear decisions by helping you see your true identity. Recognize and clear any illusion that you are separate from God by reminding you of your innocence. Enhances intuition, clairvoyance, positive self-image and insight to reach your goals and vision.

Divine DIRECTION: Clear and open your third eye and prepare for divine direction. May help you to eliminate any confusion or distrust associated with your vision and intuition on your soul's path. Enhances your ability to focus and move forward in life with grace and ease. Opens this center for better lines of communication, wisdom, truth, and responsibility to fulfill your needs and wants.

Divine EXPRESSION: Free your souls longing for creative expression, by bringing your desires into form. Eliminate any feelings of shame, or issues with low self-worth or the inability to communicate the truth of your heart. Trust in your ability to create your own ďHeaven on EarthĒ. Feel more loved, confident and compassion for yourself and others.

Divine FAITH: Helps to create a vibration of divine acceptance and the faith to follow your heart. May assist in clearing any past or present issues with feeling threatened or attacked on any level. Will help you to feel more safe and secure and free to be yourself. You may feel more support from God and others as you create a life more directed by your faith. This energy may ease transitions and life changes and help one feel safe to let go!

Divine LOVE: Fill your heart with the love, compassion of the beauty of all there is to enjoy in unity. May help you live to love and heal all relationships with yourself and others. You may feel more self-control and balance in your life as you learn to trust again. May also assist in being able to fully be open to give and receive love and truly heal. Enhances love in relationships, forgiveness, courage, and unity.

Divine FORGIVENESS: Empower your Solar Plexus with strength and purpose. May help one to let go of judgments towards ourselves and others. Also may assist in feeling more personal power, confidence, discernment and the ability to find more sweetness and joy of life. This energy product may help to release the emotion of anger, and dissipate discordant energies.

Divine EMPOWERMENT: Bring greater power to your creativity, sensing, and the ability to find more peace in this life. May assist in bringing you a sense of confidence, resourcefulness and Happiness. Also, may enhance one to enjoy life to its fullest and feeling stress free and self-empowered. May have the ability to release the feelings of stress, hopelessness, and powerlessness. Helps us to find more gratitude on our path towards our mission and purpose here on this earth, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Divine PROTECTION: Helps one feel more grounded, confident, safe and secure. May assist to release feelings of fear and anxiety. Helps us to know of a higher source in the Universe that is guiding and protecting us from negativity and harm. May give us more physical vitality, energy and motivation to move forward in our life with courage. May strengthen our sense of security, joy and passion for this life. Feel the encouragement to step forward with strength and be free!

Divine BALANCE: Helps to ground, balance and protect our energy field. This essence will raise your vibration and awaken your spiritual vision by renewing and realigning your DNA. It will allow you to receive more light and love into your cells, and is very centering to your soul. This energy has not only the ability to open the heart center with love, but also has the capacity to help one physically integrate. When sprayed, this energy mist has the ability to clear the Aura, balance, anchor, align, protect and assist with mental clarity and focus.