Size: 15ml

Cinnamon Blend

CINNAMON BLEND (Essential Oil): Assists circulation, lowering glucose, strengthening the heart, endocrine, and nervous systems. It is an immuno-stimulant, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, typhoid, tropical infection, vaginitis, anti-viral, anti-parasite, general sexual stimulant, flu, rheumatism, warts, coughs, colds, a general all around maintenance oil (hot oil, use small amounts diluted). Powerful purifier and enhances the action and activity of other oils. It has been found that viruses, bacteria, and fungus cannot live in this oil.

Aromatic Influences:  May promote physical energy, psychic awareness, and increasing one’s prosperity.  Diffuse with caution.  It is best diffused mixed with other oils.

Caution: Always dilute with carrier oil because the high phenol properties of the oil make it feel warm or burn the skin. 

Found In: Changes, Synergy, Prosperity, Sacred Essence, Ancient Remedy and Reclaim.