Size: 15ml


GRAPEFRUIT COPAL (Essential Oil), Pink and White, Organic: USA Pressed Peel (Citrus paradisi) GRAS The pink is better smelling but the white has more detoxifying effects. Used internally for digestive complaints, stimulates gallbladder, liver tonic, useful in anorexia and bulimia, regulates body weight if used regularly. Beneficial for athlete?s foot, acne, oily skin, tones congested skin, tightens skin, aids hair growth, cellulite, airborne disinfectant when diffused, eases muscle fatigue, stiffness, increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic system, detoxification, cold, chills, flu, increases urine flow, and eases water retention. Assists for nervous exhaustion, performance stress, jet lag, PMS, depression, self doubt, headaches, drug and alcohol withdrawal. Aromatic influences: uplifting, gives confidence, and prevents one from drowning in one's own negativity.

Found in Citrus Blend and Simplicity.