Size: 5ml


HELICHRYSUM COPAL (Essential Oil): Corsica (Organic) and Croatia (Organically Grown) (Helichrysum italicum) It has been beneficial for hearing problems caused by nerve damage. Beneficial when used against allergic conditions, bacterial, fungus, virus, inflammation (properties that may reduce inflammation exceed those of any other oil), and hematoma (swelling or tumor full of diffused blood, powerful anticoagulant). Best for traumas, bruises, acne, eczema, regenerating (stimulates new cells), broken veins (couperose), stretch marks, spots, inflammations, old scars and wounds. Beneficial for chronic dermatitis (virtually unlimited value in treating dermatitis and other skin disorders), muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, sprains, respiratory conditions, whooping cough, nerves, spleen, headaches and pulmonary spasms. Assists in stress-related conditions, depression, detoxifying, blood cleansing, psoriasis, stomach cramps, sinus infection, phlebitis, and hypo-cholesterol. It has been known to help stimulate the liver cell function; viral colitis, gallbladder infection, pancreas stimulant, lymph drainage, sciatica, sunburns and connective tissue repair (repairing nerve endings). Excellent pain reliever, infection fighter and helps in healing and repairing. It may be beneficial in activating the right side of brain. Has helped for visualization, personal growth and compassion. Mix with Rose to unite head and heart. Aromatic influences: uplifting and enhances the subconscious. When we lock up inside, get angry and don't want to forgive trespasses, we create barriers that keep us from going forward in our lives.

Found in Heart & Soul, Freedom, Helichrysum & Foraha, Insight, Clarify, Purpose, Synergy, Gentle Healer and Trauma Free.