Infinity is a vibrational remedy that helps us prepare for higher consciousness. The combination of sound, gem and flower essences makes this vibration unique in opening up to the new energies available for spiritual growth. The four noted chord, C, Eb, F and A when played on the piano goes on to infinity. All the flower essences chosen for this remedy are in complete coherence for consciousness expansion. The use of Amethyst and Yellow Topaz in combination offers again a figure eight model, Amethyst working on the subconscious release and Yellow Topaz allowing for conscious awareness.

Infinity is a vibrational remedy used to support the figure eight energy systems of the entire body both inside and outside the body. Not only will it help integrate the meridians and chakra systems but it will also support us in connecting our divine nature with our human experience for positive soul growth. Through the pattern of the figure eight, the loops intersecting in the middle creates a focal point for healing in all four dimensions: side to side/ front to back / up and down/ diagonal to diagonal. The up and down dimension connects heaven to earth in our association with our spirituality and our physical being and the intersection point is the human mind.