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Natural plant medicines have been used throughout history for their powerful healing therapy. They are safe, practical to use, relatively inexpensive, quick acting and effective against infections. Other benefits of our essential oils are that they deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells and are very synergistic with the healing of our bodies. Our Singles Essential Oils are Organic, Certified Organic or Wildcrafted.
Blends and Synergies
When therapeutic pure essential oils are mixed together they are called a Synergy or a Blend. The benefits are much greater than using the same single oils separately. In this section it is explained why a synergy or blend was formulated and the oils that were used. Since all the benefits of each oil is not listed, it may be helpful to go back to the Single Oil Section and read about each oil in that Blend or Synergy.
The Kits were designed for those who are first introduced to Essential Oils, Vibrational and other Energy products but would like to experience and learn more about the products and how they are used together. Health Practitioners, Energy Workers and Massage Therapists would benefit from having a selection of products for their clients.
Sound Essence
The Sound Essences have been charged with the energy wave of sound. Each essence holds a whole note, or a sharp or flat. The whole notes resonate with each chakra or energy centers and the sharps and flats go in between. Once the vibration of sound structures the essence, inherently the frequency of color has also been imprinted. These elements will nourish our energy systems, the auric field, endocrine system and meridians.
We have high quality nutritional supplements to create balance within the systems of the body. It has become apparent that our bodies are becoming compromised and more deficient of nutrients due to chemically or genetically engineered foods and depleted soils. Our synergistic lines of nutritionals are natural and help to restore the body to its proper balance.
Plants offer healing vibrations for us in many different ways. To understand how vibrational medicine works, including flower essences and many uses of essential oils, you need to understand that our body has a subtle energy field, and the health of one’s body is determined by its electrical frequency. Our Energy Products have the ability to raise the vibration of the body, because the plants, flowers, essential oils and gemstones, transfer that higher frequency to us; enabling positive health.

The Chakras are the seven energy centers in your body which receive, assimilate, and distribute energy. When the Chakras are evenly balanced and in tune with each other, our physical, mental and spiritual selves are working in harmony for optimum health and well-being. Our Chakra Oils and Atomizers provide this balance.
Bath and Spa
Pure Elements has a wonderful variety of Aroma Silk Eye Pillows and Aroma Light natural candles to use for personal care. All of our products are made with clean, natural, and healthy ingredients or products.
Diffusors / Humidifiers
A diffusor / humidifier is a special device uniquely designed to dispense natural essential oils and moisture into the atmosphere. It is the most effective way to finely vaporize essential oils without harming or altering their vital components and valuable properties. 
Misc Products
Pure Elements has a variety of quality Essential Oil Cases, Gemstone Therapy Kits, and Fractionated Coconut Oil for your convenience to use with all of our other products.